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The multitude of issues with which we deal continues to drive our intent to focus on what is best for our industry. To help reach our goals, we have articulated a NAEGA philosophy that is based on two principles that motivate most NAEGA actions:

  • NAEGA believes that commercial solutions are the most effective and preferable means to meet customer needs for the agricultural commodities traded internationally by our members. NAEGA will continue to work to minimize government interference with commercial activity related to meeting customer needs.
  • NAEGA believes that it is important for the US grain export industry to participate as appropriate in relevant national and international proceedings where policies and regulatory action affecting the industry will be negotiated or discussed.

  • Priorities
    Our philosophy further results in our policy priorities of:
    1. Competitive and Open Markets with preferred International Rules and Discipline that Facilitate Trade
    2. Integrity and Reliability of Supply
    3. Customer Driven Market Solutions
    4. Preference for Commercial Solutions
    5. Neutral, Trade Supportive and Balanced Approach to Technology Innovation
    6. A mandate for Quality and Product Safety with a reliance on a Science-based Approach to related Regulatory Matters
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